10 Foods Affected by Recipe Changes

Harder to find on supermarket shelves: sunflower oil. With the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world’s largest exporter, this fat is becoming scarce. So much so that some manufacturers struggle to produce receipts which require a large amount of yellow gold, which pushes them to replace sunflower oil with other alternativesvegetablefor example, rapeseed.

But here it is: change the packaging of all products to indicate this change in the recipe. financial and logistical costs. So much so that the Ministry of Economy allowed manufacturers change the composition of their specialties, keeping the same labelteaches us Parisian. For its part, the magazine Capital indicates that more than 3,000 products have changed their composition since April 26, 2022. Which foods are mostly affected by this recipe change? Check them out in our slideshow below.

Manufacturers have two months to report recipe changes

However, be careful: manufacturers who ask for it release I will have six months replace their packaging and indicate the replacement of sunflower oil in the composition. In addition, they will need up to two monthsto “indicate on the packaging that there has been a change in the recipe, without necessarily indicating which one,” clarifies the Île-de-France daily.

However, in some cases, notification of a prescription change must be immediate. Regarding add-ons allergenic productsor changes that violate the promises given on the packaging: products from organic farmingguaranteed no palm oil…

Most of the products affected by these reformulation changes now contain rapeseed oil. note: as underlined Capital, some products, such as coconut, palm, or soybean oil, may reduce the nutritional or environmental value of products.

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