3 Unexpected Spirulina Recipes

Available in capsule, powder and flake form, spirulina is the World’s Best Food of the 21st Century according to the WHO. Despite its size, this green algae has many health benefits. Rich in plant-based proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, and even iron, it’s definitely a superfood. That is why France Bleu offers you recipes for this amazing product!

Video – Treasure of nature: spirulina, an exceptionally rich and natural food

What does spirulina taste like?

These spiral green microalgae belong to the cyanobacteria family. And yet, it has a very peculiar taste. Some find it salty, while others associate it more with a woody or even peanut flavor. Depending on the age, its taste may even change and become closer to the taste of seaweed, which we know better. In any case, it has a pronounced taste and must be dosed with precision.

How to ensure the quality of spirulina?

To find out if Spirulina is good quality or not, the first thing to do is to check if the label actually mentions the terms “Spirulina Platensis” or “Arthrospira Platensis”. This ensures that the product being sold is not a spirulina derivative or other ingredient. Then the drying technique is very important for the palatability of the algae. Spirulina is usually dried at a low temperature to ensure the preservation of its fibers. Finally, color and taste are enough to recognize the quality of your microalgae. If the smell is too strong, then the product has oxidized and is therefore spoiled. And finally, spirulina should be dark green and matte (not shiny) to make sure it’s properly conditioned.

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