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Bluefin tuna has invaded Algeria’s markets in recent days. This fish is sold almost everywhere, sometimes even on sidewalks, along roads, sometimes in deplorable sanitary and hygienic conditions.

Exposed to the sun for several hours and cut with axes or tools, the blades of which are sometimes rusty, the method of selling fresh tuna in Algeria is ” real dangerwarned Dr. Abdenour Ait Said, president of the Algiers Society of Public Health Biologists, in an interview with TSA published May 24.

The specialist, in particular, warned about the risks of toxic infections that Algerian consumers are exposed to when buying tuna sold along the roads.

Health Benefits of Fresh Tuna

With respect to the cold chain, tuna, which is currently sold at a price of about 1000 DA per kilogram, benefits the body. As a member of the oily fish family, it is a true source of lean proteins, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B and D, and omega-3s.

It should be noted that many studies have shown that regular consumption of omega-3s reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Fresh tuna also has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and prevents the risk of a heart attack.

This fish will also protect against age-related macular degeneration and participate in the regeneration of the nerves of the central nervous system.


Raw tuna can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. Once prepared, it is recommended to consume it within 48 hours.

How to cook it?

There are several ways to cook fresh tuna. It can be marinated, pan-fried, grilled, cooked in a papillotte, or even eaten raw, with tartare, carpaccio or sushi.

Algerian chef Rabah, who runs the Mim Restaurant at the M-Suite Hotel in Algiers, offers many recipes based on fresh tuna, including Catalan tuna.” parpatan tunato find out on his Facebook page.

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