Bagnac-sur-Sele. Epad and flower power

The association La Cerise sur le Gateau, which very often leads the activities of the nursing home in the Val du Sele, has embarked on a wonderful project of creating flower baskets to sell and offer the recipe to the French Red Cross. in the interests of Ukrainian refugees. The idea was born from dialogues with the inhabitants of the institution and from the desire of everyone to make a gesture on their own scale.

This achievement would not have been possible without the family of Zoe Genot, who have been living in Epad for several years. “His three daughters, as well as his son-in-law, came to lend us a helping hand and allowed us to offer magnificent flower baskets for sale. It seems that these compositions were to the taste of the buyers, as 500 euros were collected, ”recalls La Cerise about the cake.

The association also notes that Madame Genot’s family came, as they do every year, to plant geraniums to decorate the exterior of the establishment, while this year they were in mourning for their mother. During this difficult time, they did their best to bring color, life and joy to all other residents. The heyday of the institution allowed them to beautifully close the head of the nursing home and the six years they spent together with everyone.

All the hotel staff thanked them and will take care of all the flowers.

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