Barbecue, plancha and marinades à Gogo with Priscilla Khalil

Shashlik, plancha and marinades!

With Priscilla Khalil, Chef at Come and Cook Workshop, Avenue Victor Hugo in Valence.

Priscilla, come talk to us about BBQ!

So, Meat or Fish, which recipe?
And most importantly, what spices? What marinade? (because Priscilla loves to use spices in her cooking and knows a lot about them)

Come and look for beautiful and delicious recipes to surprise all your guests around the BBQ.

Listen to the show HERE and find:

  • – Recipe “Tuna Tataki”
  • – Recipe for barbecue “Chicken Satay”
  • – Recipe for barbecue “Beef shawarma”
  • – Recipe for “Homemade” barbecue sauce
Tuna tataki, chicken satay and beef shawarma on a spit, Priscilla Khalil “Come and cook” – Valence © Radio France
Frank Daumas

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"Come and cook - Valencia
“Come and cook – Valencia © Radio France
"come and cook" Valence
“Come and cook” Valencia © Radio France

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