Cooking Meat on the Grill: The Chef’s Amazing Trick to Make It Perfectly Delicious

Top quality ribs, pork ribs, veal skewers… Grilled meat works every time. French-Brazilian chef Alessandra Montagne reveals an incredible trick to make it even tastier. To test without hesitation!

After playing hide-and-seek for a few days, it seems like the sun has finally returned. So to celebrate there’s nothing better thangood barbecue ! As for side dishes, we love Laëtitia Milot’s rice salad and seasonal vegetables that can be cooked right on the fire thanks to these wonderful accessories. And without what, barbecue good piece of meat ? Chicken wings, veal rack, rib steak… The good news is that we are spoiled for choice to please all gourmets!

How to marinate and season meat before grilling?

Just like we WW food program (formerly Weight Watchers) switched to daylight saving time. In particular, healthy barbecue ideas are on the menu, complemented by on the advice of French-Brazilian chef Alexandra Montagne. And one of them will delight all meat lovers! The recipe for his success? Very unusual ice cubes…

My latest culinary discovery is to fill an ice cube mold with a mixture of black oil, salt, pepper, garlic and za’atar. Place ice cubes on meat (e.g. beef rib), it will melt gently during cooking. Magic!” says the chef.

Good taste advice, because At high barbecue temperatures, the meat can quickly become too dry. After placing it on the wire rack, we immediately place a gourmet ice cube on top, which will moisturize it while flavoring it. Flank steaks, chops and juicy skewers are yours!

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