Easy Mother’s Day Recipe Ideas

Every year spring gives us the opportunity celebrate moms. Perfume, clothes, travel, massage… It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. Fortunately, if there is one thing that all women in our lives have in common, it is gluttony! So, to please them for sure, bet on a good homemade foodwhich will also allow you to have a good time together. No excuse for newcomers to the kitchen: there are many easy mother’s day recipes. As an aperitif, for example, take a simple puff pastry spread with pesto or tapenade for the most original sunny cake. An idea accessible even to children! Emphasize seasonal foods like asparagus, peas or artichokes in spring risottos or savory pies. Also think of a wok, simple and quick to prepare. To end your meal in style, it’s impossible to skip strawberries! Want to pamper your mom as soon as you wake up? Bake her some red pancakes that are sure to surprise her.

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