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“Mayonnaise? Massacre! » François Lemoville, a restaurateur, and Tristan Flesch, assistant chef at Miette in Dinant, won the Brittany egg mayonnaise championship during the Open Guindé tennis tournament last April. A contest that might make you smile, but this is serious.

Brittany championship genesis

The initiative for the first Breton Mayonnaise Championship in Dinant came from Pascal Glorian, a lover of good food, who contacted the Association for the Protection of Egg Mayonnaise (Ace), of which he is a member, to organize this competition. Eight Dinan restaurants participated in the draw. Two restaurateurs from Miette admit to their preparation: “We were very zen, in the spirit of sharing with other participants.” On D-Day, the rules were strict, with a bailiff present and a twelve-member jury tasting the preparation for an hour. Participants were judged on egg preparation and sorting, seasoning, and plate presentation.

Magic Recipe

“It’s very simple, but it requires a certain technique. We shouldn’t go for complexity,” says François Lemoville, who hopes the competition will spread to other regions of France. The recipe that won over the jury is an egg cooked at 8:40, smoked on beech wood and mayonnaise with turmeric, pea mousse and beetroot powder. Just enough to make your taste buds salivate.

A masterpiece from the champions Tristan and François from the Miette restaurant. (Miette/Tristan Flesh)

Positive result for champions

François and Tristan reminisce about a good experience. “The competition broke the image of a restaurant that only makes burgers, people have a different vision of our cuisine.” Building on this success, they had to expand their menu by adding an “egg mayonnaise” starter the next day at the request of customers. “People called us to come and try the egg mayonnaise.” The champions are now being selected for the world hosted by Asom in November. They will represent the colors of Brittany in Paris with Bistrot Duguesclin and Le Poisson Ivre. This competition has existed for thirty years. Time goes by, eggs stay!

Chefs prepare egg mayonnaise during a competition that took place last April.
Chefs prepare egg mayonnaise during a competition that took place last April. (Miette/Francois Lemoville)

Chef’s Tip for a Good Egg Mayonnaise

François Lemoville recommends, if possible, fresh organic eggs. Care must be taken to ensure that they are well prepared between 8:40 and 9:00. As for mayonnaise, it should not be too whipped, but liquid and enveloping, with a uniform texture.

in to complement

Summer is celebrated in the Halles de Dinan during the festive day

A new day of celebration is scheduled for Sunday, June 26th at the Halles de Dinan, with workshops, music and catering.

Little Colibri restaurateurs in Dinan are organizing a party on Sunday 26 June at the Halles de Dinan. “La Cohue” offers entertainment with food/treats and a concert by a local band. On this occasion, the Miette restaurant is offering a master class on its famous egg mayonnaise from 12:00 to 14:00. The Solidarity Catering Association, Superfood, Le Tire-bouchon bar and a Shiatsu teacher will also be there. François Lemoville, Miette’s manager and chef, guarantees a “good atmosphere”.

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