Garum Recipe by Victor Mercier

A chef from Fief (Paris) gives a recipe for an ancient seasoning made from the innards of salted fish in his first book, published by First in 2020.

“Garum is an ancestral approach, but resolutely modern,” writes Victor Mercier, chef at Parisian restaurant Fief – “Made here in France because he only uses French products” – to present this recipe in his first book, published by Éditions First at the end of 2020. Tied not only to the origin of the products, but also to the environmental friendliness of his cooking, he naturally made the ancient seasoning one of his foundations.

Per 100ml

Preparation: 10 minutes.

Rest: 6 months.


• Entrails and bones of 3 bonitos (or small oily fish such as sardines or mackerel).

• Sea salt (unprocessed), as needed.


Gut 3 bonitos, collect all the bloody parts and crush the raw bones.

Pour sea salt 1 cm thick into the bottom of a glass jar, then fill about 2 cm with fish entrails.

Alternate layers to the top of the pot. It is very important to finish with salt. Close the jar so that there is as little air as possible.

Then leave to ferment for…

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