herb potato salad recipe

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: 20 minutes – Cooking : about 20 minutes – Expenses : * – Complexity :*

Ingredients for 6 people

1 kg potato charlotte or ratte

1 vegetable stock cube

1 cucumber

1 white onion

pumpkin seed oil

Pumpkin seeds




coarse salt



Clean and cut the cucumber into thin slices and peel it with a little coarse salt.

Boil unpeeled and well-washed potatoes in water with a cube of vegetable broth.

When the potato let itself be pierced with a knife, stop cooking.

Drain them 20 to 25 ml of broth.

Clean potatoes and let them cool before cutting them into slices.

Collect potatoes and cucumber.

Lattice peeled white onion.

Mixing broth, vinegar, mustard, washed and chopped parsley, onion, pepper.

add a tablespoon of pumpkin seed oil and pour this vinaigrette over vegetables.


Stir gently, sprinkle with pumpkin seeds and eat at room temperature.

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