In the kitchen, this secondary school in Cherbourg found a recipe for fighting waste.

Up to 400 students dine at the Lycée Sauxmarais daily. Since 2004, he has been hunting for waste. (©Jean-Paul BARBIER/La Manche Press)

End from a week and end serviceto school canteen from somare high school from Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Sleeve). Like the end every mealtime to weigh in. Generally, 210 students lunch that day in institution. There may be up to 400. Weigh-in shows 8 kilograms this weekend.

in previous Wednesdayit was barely 2 kilos. Remains only two portions minced pork with spices prepared by the team in the kitchen. A leg of guinea fowl with grapes and crispy cheese also captivated the students. “Friday is the day you really need to calculate as accurately as possible because the goal is zero balance. We work just in time, replenish stocks on the go. »

“It’s the right circle: less waste, more budget and therefore better products. »

Thierry MarieChef

For Chef Thierry Marie, there is no question of spend. He has worked with the entire team since his arrival in 2004 in technical college in decline trash. And this works Great. “When I started 20 years laterin L’national educationI was horrified when I saw garbage bins garbage. I didn’t understand how it was possible throw so many. Then begins wide reflection and reorganization from Work.

Maximum home

By throwing less, the team achieves saving. Near 200,000 euros because the method change. Therefore, the institution has invested over the years in new materialper come back home good part of his card.

“Now we make our own fresh pasta, our pizza, we also make bread, our sauces, puff pastry, we make our pastries, cold meats… We use everyone’s skills. Sometimes we can save time at certain stages: for example, we buy peeled potatoes on the spot. There are other things that are too technical and therefore time-consuming, which we also do not deal with. »

Professionals supervise during service. Serving portions are adjustable appetites and students can come fill your plate as needed. If a student largely throws away their dishes, the staff ask questions to find out why. Thus, returns are noted, and receipts adjusted, if necessary, depending on requests pupils. “Despite everything, we continue to offer them many options from menurespecting specifications ‘, assures Thierry Marie.

Prepare the best food possible

Another advantage the school menu is listed in source some products. A few seconds later, Thierry Marie lists his suppliers. ” milk and cream from Wowillate Farmthem vegetables belonging old school farm in Tollevast…” The vast majority live in Cotentin. Sometimes a little further eggswho come from all over Bayeux.

“I did some research, but for the volumes we need… We couldn’t find anything closer. With all my suppliers, I do not discuss the price: they are the right one, the one who rewards them right. »

The chef cooks regularly room tourto know expectations young people. “I practice in public servicethis is ours appointmentto give the best possible experience to students. For some young people, going to the cafeteria is perhaps the only full meal of the day. I would see me say the wrong things parents : I’m cooking, period. i want to give them best products. I cook as if it were for my children. It is enough to hear him describe how meat is cooked at low temperatures so that it “melts in your mouth” to understand what drives him every day, as soon as he returns to his kitchens in 6 a.m.

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The youngest … composters

Recently, the school has taken another step recycling his organic waste. Three composters were installed on the territory of the institution at the end month of december. This further reduces volume tanks, with impressive results. On average, 20 to 25 grams are thrown out per student. In later weighings, this figure even dropped to 18 grams.

According to the latest data fromademewaste in school meals is, in Francein grams and per meal: 120 grams per primary schools115 grams in colleges and 100 grams in high schools. retirement time approach for the dedicated chef. But he is in no hurry to leave his ovens. He has yet to pass. “I would like to do more work on the issue of vegetarian dishes. Staying at our level is already a lot. »

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