Ismael Khelifa discovers Iceland this Saturday 11 June on France 5 (unpublished)

This week Ismael Khelifa made us travel by proxy. He’s making an appointment for you this Saturday, June 11 at 8:55 pm from Iceland for beautiful new shoots. This new episode will be followed by a rebroadcast of a program dedicated to Malta.



Échappées Belles of June 11, 2022: your two editions this Saturday evening

Great Escapes: Iceland, a Traveler’s Dream (Unpublished)

Volcanoes, glaciers, lava fields, dizzying waterfalls, geothermal areas, natural baths and black sand beaches make up wild landscapes that, depending on the light that illuminates them, evoke both the beginning and the end of the world.

From small fishing ports nestled in the hollows of the fjords to the lunar landscapes of the hinterlands, this trip to Iceland takes us to the heart of its diversity and authenticity.

The north of Iceland attracts tourists with its wilder atmosphere and less trodden man than the more classic routes of the south of the island. In particular, the Vestfjords in the far northwest of the country represent the most remote part of the territory. These hard-to-reach regions make them landscapes to be earned.

And yet, among the approximately 2 million tourists who annually visit this island, the discovery of which leaves no one indifferent, there are those who prefer never to return home.

It is these landscapes and this climate that may seem hostile to many, and yet attract all the foreign population, rightly interested in these features. Who are they, where did they come from, and why do they sometimes prefer to stay in this territory, which is as attractive as it is harsh? How does the proximity of sometimes hostile natural spaces nourish them?

From Husavik Bay, a small fishing town that has become a mecca for whale watching, to the village of Isafjordur in the fjords of the Wild West, passing through the dramatic landscapes of Myvatn, Ismael Khelifa will travel to meet these individuals who make up and give life to the north of Iceland.

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Great Escapes: Malta Mediterranean (repeat)

In the heart of the Mediterranean, its strategic position has made it a place of greed. We find its cultural influence both in architecture and gastronomy. Thus, the fish pie is a mixture of a Mediterranean product and an English pie recipe.

Jerome Pitorin meet the people of this archipelago who live with respect for tradition but have a distinct taste for partying…

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