Julie Andrier gives us her recipe for an incredibly soft yogurt cake.

Yoghurt cake – an easy and delicious recipe! Julie Andrieu understood this too. She also shared on her YouTube channel her tips for a softer-than-usual dough. Find them here!

TV presenter and gastronomy critic Julie Andrieu regularly shares recipes on her social networks, each of which is tastier than the other. This time on her YouTube channel, she decided to give advice on the perfect yogurt cake. If the recipe is already simple, we know that nothing prevents us from improving it even more. So if you’re looking for a fluffy, airy product that rises well… It’s here. We tell you what you need to remember for the perfect result!

Choose Good Ingredients

As with all recipes, it always starts with choosing the right ingredients. Everything is found for the TV presenter.


For flour, you can take T55 cake flour, this is the flour we usually use and is the easiest to find in stores. But for greater softness and lightness, T45 is preferable, since it is lighter and more refined than the previous one.


As for sugar, this gives us several options: brown, red or greenish sugar. It doesn’t matter, it depends on our preferences. All three will add even more flavor to your cake than white sugar. Plus, she gives us a little personal advice by adding vanilla sugar to the ingredient list. Better she tell us how to do it at home! To do this, you just need to take a few vanilla pods, peel them, grind them into a powder and mix with a little sugar. You will get deliciously flavored sugar.


Yoghurts are the basis of this recipe. Julie Andriet chooses Greek yogurt because it is thicker and fatter than regular yogurts. If you choose traditional yogurt, be sure to check that it is yogurt and not a dairy product. The lactic acid enzymes present in yogurt allow the product to rise well during cooking. Speaking of which, yogurt jars make a great dispenser for your recipe, don’t forget to save them; especially if they are glass!


Then there are eggs, and what could be better than free-range eggs? And the secret is to separate the whites from the yolks in order to beat them into the snow. Your cake will be lighter than a cloud, we guarantee it.


The butter will need to be removed beforehand so that it is very soft and easy to use. You can even make it homemade to get more butter and milk than commercial butter.

2 surprise ingredients

Finally, for a little more fun, she suggests adding fleur de sel for a little crunch and flavor boost, as well as almond essence to give your dessert a gluttonous twist.

Choose form

Nothing stops you from using your grandma’s traditional cake mold. In her recipe, the food critic used a non-stick charlotte pan. Why ? As she aptly puts it, “it acts like an oven in an oven,” meaning it cooks evenly while retaining moisture. This will give you crispy edges and a nice smooth dessert!

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Julie Andrieux Yogurt Cake Recipe

List of ingredients

  • 230 g flour T45
  • 150 g brown or brown sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 130 g butter
  • 2 good pinches of fleur de sel
  • ½ teaspoon bitter almond essence

In two bowls, separate the whites from the yolks. Leave white for later.
Lubricate the mold with a brush and refrigerate to set the oil so that it does not mix with the workpiece when you put it in the oven.
Preheat the oven to 170°C so that the cake does not dry out.

Add 2 cups of sugar to the egg yolks. Add three to four tablespoons of vanilla sugar, add yogurt and beat.
Then put a jar of butter yogurt (130 g) in a bowl. It can be melted, but it will lose its milkiness. She advises us to beat it into an ointment before incorporating it into the preparation.
Add 3 cups flour (230 g) and half a packet of yeast (6 g) and mix with a whisk. Add two good pinches of fleur de sel.
Whisk the egg whites by hand or with an electric whisk before gently whisking together. The whisk works faster and avoids over-mixing the dough. Add half a teaspoon of bitter almonds, beating as little as possible, because the less flour present in the dough is stimulated, the less elastic the cake will be and vice versa more airy.
Place the workpiece in the form and tap the bottom on the countertop so that there are no air bubbles left at the bottom.
Bake for 1 hour 15 minutes for the Charlotte tin and 45 minutes for the springform tin at 170°C.
Once cooked, let cool on a wire rack or colander if your cake is fairly round.
One final tip from Julie Andrieu: eat it while it’s still warm, when it’s at its best! Ideal with some tea or hot chocolate to indulge in.

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