Learn to recognize native plants from an herbalist

With herbalist Stephanie Ersan, you will learn to recognize, know how to use, discover the creative and regenerative potential of edible wild plants. She will teach you how to practice a simple crucine (raw food recipe), lively and intuitive, to listen to your basic needs and move towards a mindful relationship with your food. Stephanie Hersant is a herbalist and therapist trained at the Lyon School of Medicinal Plants. She has a 35 year journey with plants. She accompanies you through treatments, body auditions (heart therapist), intuitive and metamorphic massages. Practice and teach meditation

Several master classes for experiments

✓ May 28 Wild salads and combinations of plants, flowers and fruits

✓ June 17-18-19: “Being a Garden” course at Saint Colom in the Ossau Valley.

✓ June 25: Sweet and savory summer treats

✓ July 3: Vegetable cheeses with wild plants

✓ July 21: Wild plant and aromatic pesto

summer cuisine

✓ July 28: wild salads and combinations of flowers and fruits.

✓ August 10: Vegetable cheeses with wild plants

✓ Sunday, September 11: wild autumn fruits and snacks.


✓ Saturday, October 1: Combine summer and autumn for a better


Summer stay: in collaboration with Juliette Sessac

Immersion and rejuvenation in Valle d’Aure from 11 to 15 July Break away from the frantic rhythms of everyday life, feel accessible to loved ones, establish harmonious relationships with yourself and with others.

For 5 days, connecting to Live, learning and integrating small gestures will allow you to listen to your inner rhythm and basic needs. Encounter with plants, wild guinea pig, movement, meditation and massage.

To contact Stephanie Ersan, tel: 06 49 89 01 09

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