Mustard Shortage: 3 Inexpensive Products to Replace Mustard and Make Delicious Recipes

Due to high temperatures and the war in Ukraine, mustard is gradually leaving supermarket shelves. We explain how easy it is to replace it with these three inexpensive and delicious products.

After sunflower oil mustard! Out of stock in some stores third most consumed condiment in the world becomes a rarity. Especially, severe droughts hitting Canadathe world’s largest producer of mustard seeds, causing the crop to drop by almost a third in one year. Losses that could be compensated by Ukraine or Russiaother countries exporting this product, if the deliveries had not been sanctioned by the conflict who oppose them. stay French production who too tenacious… In the meantime, we rely on these three amazing replacement products mustardwithout loss of taste!

one. Horseradish as a side dish for meat instead of Dijon mustard

Known as “German mustard” for its peppery and spicy taste, horseradish is the most common alternative to Made in Dijon seasoning. long forgotten this root full of benefits: in the past it was used to combat rheumatism. Today we find raw horseradish on market stalls from September to March or in pots all year round. Served accompanied red meathorseradish sauce will make you (almost) forget Dijon mustard!

2. Tapenade, an alternative to sweet mustard in savory pies

You are used to greasing a pie pan with a little mustard before serving. zucchini, peppers and other vegetables ? Replace it with tapenade of black olives, capers and anchovies. A delicious base that will delight your taste buds!

3. Wasabi instead of mustard in sauces

Japanese cousin of the fuck wasabi is mainly used as a seasoning for sushi and spring rolls. But you can also add a spoonful of this pastein mayonnaise or homemade vinaigrette. Sensitive sky, refrain…

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