Père Olive: Commitments and novelties as an aperitif.

Père Olive: Commitments and novelties as an aperitif.

Since 1983 Father Olive has been delighting you with aperitif thanks to his love of taste and respect for tradition. Mediterranean vegetarian and gourmet culinary specialties prepared with more sustainable agriculture in mind.

Père Olive, traditional know-how

Père Olive offers a variety of aperitif products with authentic Mediterranean flavors: olives, appetizers and gourmet spreads.
A great moment of exchange and celebration, an aperitif is not necessarily synonymous with nutritional imbalance and excess. Père Olive encourages a flexitarian diet by offering 100% vegetarian products.

Discover innovative recipes such as olives with cheese and basil, olives with garlic and herbs, olives with pepper, as well as spreads: hummus, spicy hummus, cashews and basil, muhammara and hummus with coriander, tomato caviar and tapenade, with – 25% less salt.

Products selected from the best place, harvested at the best time and prepared according to original recipes, as they are prepared simply but perfectly in line with the culture of the country.

Commitment to our planet and our people

The conservation of natural resources is a priority so that we can continue to enjoy the fruits and vegetables that the earth offers us every day. Father Olive has been integrating action for smarter agriculture and consumption into his approach for over 35 years.

The choice of Père Olive recipes is inspired by the traditions of the Mediterranean Basin, with a preference for fruits and vegetables that consume little resources and energy, such as chickpeas.

Father Olive acts in particular with:

– Choice of its supplies
– Reduce and phase out pesticides
– Installation of photovoltaic panels
– Wastewater recovery
– Recycled and recyclable plastic packaging (RPET)

Through this approach, Père Olive supports growers who practice smart and sustainable agriculture.

Olive’s father: Generous like the South.

Today, Père Olive is innovating on the aperitif with 8 new products for 2022:

— Mini falafels with carrots and cashew nuts, no preservatives
– Mini falafel made with sweet potato, lemon and cranberries.
— Creative hummus with basil pesto
— Creative hummus with tomato caviar
— Olives stuffed with lemon zest and mint
— Olives stuffed with jalapenos and garlic

Limited Edition Summer 2022:

— Hummus with cucumber and basil
– artichoke sauce

With mini falafels as an aperitif and creative hummus with pesto and tomato, discover the freeze-dried taste of products thanks to the simplicity and generosity of Mediterranean cuisine.
An authentic aperitif full of flavors that brings you the sun and the colors of the Mediterranean! Olive’s father: generous as the south!


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