Plancha gas 2 burners for only 49 €

Gas stove in E.Leclerc: your balcony’s best ally

At the height of summer, it can be frustrating not to be able to use the garden to barbecue. With this gas frying pan, you can take advantage of the beautiful summer days to gather your friends and loved ones for an aperitif, preparing dishes to cook on the supplied kitchen appliance. Turn your terrace into a summer kitchen without cluttering up the space and staying within budget – that’s E.Leclerc’s challenge with this low-priced plank.

This plancha has a power of 5.6 kW. The size of the system for uniform cooking with a surface of 40 x 35 cm. The stainless steel control panel makes it easy to adjust the temperature and facilitates maintenance in case of contamination. The built-in grease tray offers a practical solution for cleaning and healthier cooking by preventing grease from stagnation on the hob.

This plancha is also ideal for meats that require a longer cooking time while avoiding the formation of fat on the heating surface. This model also has an enamelled cast iron heating element that is easy to clean. Its compact design adapts to your balcony even when space is limited. Thanks to the adjustable legs, you have complete control over the height of the gas bar. In addition, its compact format reduces gas consumption for heating and cooking and is particularly economical to use.

Irresistible offer: €49 for a two-burner gas bar at E.Leclerc.

A lover of meat, fish or rather a vegetarian or even a vegan, plancha is your ally in all cases. On a perfectly flat surface, it is easy to cook any dishes. Do you want to cook homemade burgers or barbecue? Ignite the plancha with the auto igniter, then adjust the temperature to suit your needs for perfect cooking. You can use just one burner for one-on-one meals, or both for an impromptu multi-person dinner.

Whatever your desire, you can easily cook salmon or red tuna, mussels with a few vegetables and onions, seafood, or a host of other options. Open the fridge, grab some food and start cooking while finishing your aperitif.

For only 49 € you have the necessary device for the success of your meals and aperitifs. Plancha will become a real decoration of your balcony or terrace. This will keep you fed throughout the summer. You don’t have to put in the effort to cook a good steak. Thanks to the adjustable flame system, you can adjust the power to vary the temperature and cooking time according to individual preferences. With its 2 burners, you can even cook multiple dishes at the same time, taking into account the heat required for each.

With a little imagination, you can cook many dishes. The gas frying pan offered by E.Leclerc for only 49 euros allows you to cook quickly and efficiently while enjoying the good weather. With its understated and discreet finish, it will look natural on your balcony.

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