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Karol Isoni and Laetitia Viard live on Salengro Street. – © Philip Combrus

With “La cantine” on one side and “L’Appart Healthy” on the other, Laetitia Viard develops a unique concept in Vesoul, aiming to replicate it in other cities.

Link bodily well-being to nutritional well-being: some have no doubt imagined it, Laetitia Viard did it! It is located at 20 and 22 Rue Salengro in Vesoul, a stone’s throw from La Maison du Tourisme. One frequents one of the businesses, the other, or both.

“The canteen has existed for several months on the Rue Gevrey. I had the opportunity to move it to a commercial premises on Salengro Street, where there was a free apartment right next door,” explains a young woman with a penchant for entrepreneurship. At La Cantine, she is in the kitchen. There she works with “fresh, wholesome and balanced products.” “I adapt my dishes depending on the time of year and the taste of everyone: vegetarian, vegan, gluten free,” emphasizes Laetitia Viard. Dish of the day 8.90 euros. The hostess also praises her “flagship” product: a poke bowl, a full meal with cereals, proteins, fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, seasonings. “Simple, wholesome, ultra-fresh and terribly addictive,” Laetitia Viard assures. La Cantine has a terrace, but specializes in take-out and home delivery within the perimeter of the Vesoul agglomeration.

Appart Healthy is a wellness center. “We welcome you in cocoon mode,” explains Carol Isoni, whose father Joel ran a fitness club in Luxey. “Letizia contacted me to offer me to develop this activity,” continues the girl, whose resume mentions that she worked in a fitness complex in Aix-en-Provence. After running a hotel-restaurant in Montier-en-Der, Carol Isoni, among others, was trained in cryolipolysis. The decor is neat. Escape massage, sensual massage, vitality reduction, drainage, as well as sophrology, reiki, yoga, sound therapy in Tibetan bowls and vibration instruments, ….: this is an important range of services offered by L’Appart Heathly, which invites external participants. “Our programs are personalized and targeted,” emphasizes Carol Isoni, who also offers private cockpit pedal boats.

The concept of “physical well-being, nutritional well-being” tested in Vesula could be implemented in other cities in the future.

Dining room: open Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00 and from 18:00 to 22:30. Such. L’Appart Healthy is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 and on Saturday (by appointment). Such.


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