recipe ideas to make leftovers and not throw anything in the bin

Annually 30 kg of waste per year per inhabitant

Every year, a third of world production is wasted in the world !
Why not everyone take action to avoid this waste and throw food in the bin.

Only in Franche-Comte can you act on your own scale:

  • don’t buy too much
  • make a shopping list and stick to it
  • click and collect to resist the temptation to buy more than expected
  • prepare reasonable portions
  • do not throw in the trash and come up with recipes for cooking leftovers
  • buy in vacuum and without packaging

There are many solutions and anyone can act regardless of age or location.

With a presence in 27 regional branches, Phenix supports merchants in optimizing and limiting waste.

Phénix: the anti-waste app for those who crave action!

To reduce waste, why not collect leftovers from merchants ?

This is the principle of Phenix: it is a waste management application launched in 2019 by the company French startupdevelops throughout France and Europe.

The idea is to recover every evening surprise baskets with producers, breeders, gardeners and develop a short circuit.

Phenix, the waste management app, offers additional solutions for each of your needs.
Phenix, the waste management app, offers additional solutions for each of your needs.

What are the recipes for making leftovers?

Nothing is lost, everything changes!

Bread, rice, pasta, pastries, meats, cheeses.
Vegetable tops, strawberry ponytails, “ugly” fruits.

How to cook leftovers and place them? French impact start-up Phenix, a leader in waste management in Europe, has come up with an idea for you 38 best anti-waste recipes through the seasons in a book available for free.

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