Revelations from France 2: EHPADS of the Korian group removed the croutons from the residents’ onion soup to save money on Grandmother’s Day – VIDEO

Last night, Elisa Lucet presented a new issue of Cash Investigation on France 2 on commercial nursing homes, this time focusing on the Korian group. As in Les Fossoyeurs, Elisa Lucet and the Cash team explain that they wanted to “uncover the methods” of private nursing home groups “to maximize their profits, often at the expense of the well-being of the residents and living conditions of their employees.

According to internal Korian documents obtained by Cash, the cost-cutting policy has gone so far that management has even directed that toast be removed from tenants’ soup on mom’s name day.

In a press release issued after the broadcast, Korian insisted on denying the facts revealed on the air. “The facts stated in Cash Investigation, namely the exclusion in February 2016 just for reasons of economy of toast from the onion soup recipe served on Grandmother’s Day, are completely inconsistent with the company’s policy,” the text explains.

And add: “Also, the document created in the program is not specifically targeted at the Grandma’s Day menu; this is a menu adjustment for three weeks with changes made to 23 receipts (replacement or modification of receipts). Thus, the presentation of the document made by Cash Investigation seems to be completely truncated.”

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