Rhubarb clafoutis recipe by Cyril Lignac

Clafoutis is at the top of our favorite desserts. If we know it’s flavored with cherries or red fruits, pastry chef Cyril Lignac has just unveiled his version clafoutis with rhubarb. Often overlooked, rhubarb is one of our favorite foods. Tart but sweet, it is perfect for making cakes. In this version of the clafoutis Cyril Lignac reveals his culinary secrets and gives us his culinary advice.

Clafoutis recipe by Cyril Lignac

For this recipe, Cyril Lignac first cooks dough for clafoutisinspired by my pancake batter recipe: “When I make pancake batter, I mix everything so that the batter doesn’t get on the whisk and form lumps. lemon peel.”

  • Dough Ingredients:

4 eggs
150 g sugar
100g flour
pinch of fleur de sel
50 ml milk

  • Ingredients for Clafoutis:

400 g rhubarb
50g sugar

  • Test preparation:

Start by whisking the eggs and sugar.
Add flour and a pinch of fleur de sel.
Slowly pour in 25 ml of milk. Mix well and add the remaining milk.

  • Preparing the clafoutis:

Peel the rhubarb with a vegetable peeler or knife and remove the string. Cut the rhubarb into pieces.
Add sugar and leave to drain overnight.
The next day, boil them in oil and a little water to boil them a little. Drain them and place them on the bottom of the dough in a bowl.
Bake all 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

Various clafoutis recipes

If the clafoutis recipe is delicious with cherries and rhubarb, to our delight, it comes in thousands of different variations. You can put any fruit here: strawberries, raspberries, berries, apples, pears, apricots, prunes, as well as a mixture of seasonal fruits. You can add coolies or syrup, as well as chocolate chips, caramel pieces, aromatic herbs, spices, etc.

Some recipes even offer the option salted clafoutis. With sun-dried tomatoes, rosemary and a slice of fresh goat cheese, voila! You can also add pieces of smoked salmon or bacon pieces, potatoes, lots of seasonal vegetables like cheese, chicken or chorizo.

are you going to try clafoutis recipe ?

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