Salah talks about his love for broccoli and sweet potatoes / England / Liverpool / June 12, 2022 /

Bar Salah.

You will not become an Anfield legend at any cost. Like Robert Lewandowski, whose reverse mode has been around for years, Mohamed Salah is as accurate in his fridge as he is on the ball. In any case, this follows from an interview with an Egyptian in Francefootball : “I love to eat and am very strict with my diet.Salah said. I prefer broccoli, sweet potatoes, fish, chicken and always salad. And when I treat myself to a great restaurant in London, I prefer sushi. I eat pizza at least once a month. »

And outside cheat food pizza, Salah does not allow himself other pleasures: “I love hamburgers, but I almost never eat them, because after them I feel heaviness.The 29-year-old continued. When I am in Egypt, I allow myself koshari. To some, this diet will seem an unbearable sacrifice, this is not my case. » Here is the recipe for 31 goals and 16 assists in 51 games this season. But that’s not all : “True, I like to say that my house is like a hospital … Besides, this does not amuse my wife. Two rooms in our house are dedicated to various shaping and bodybuilding machines.Salah explained. At home, I can also do cryotherapy, there is a pressure chamber. »

We hope he gets some Klopp from time to time.


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