“Somloi galuska”, a biscuit that “calms the spirit” of the Hungarians.

This is one of the favorite Hungarian confectionery. “There are few desserts so adored in the country”, says the article Telex interested in local biscuit.

Unfortunately, the news portal notes with regret, sleepy is “treats the restaurant industry terribly badly” Between “ready-made biscuit cakes”, “cookie spoon”, “bad cake leftovers” as well as “slimy puddings” all mixed up with “whipped cream in a tube”, in “worst nightmare” dishes.

History of success sleepy dumpling refers to the second half of the twentiethe century, the website says. According to legend, the idea “would have sprouted from the head of the butler of the Gundel restaurant”, A well-known restaurant in Budapest, near the Bois de Ville. The dessert was then presented at the 1958 World’s Fair in Brussels with a technical error that turned it into “somlei” instead of “sleepy”. However, for other specialists, the dessert will “the work of the confectioner of the institution”, and his name “would come from Mount Somle”, located in the northern suburbs of Budapest, indicates Telex.

“Looks like a fallen cake”

Whatever the genesis somloi, “no one follows the original recipe mentioned in Karoly Gundel’s reference cookbook”, including “three biscuits and three creams.” ren

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