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Temporary Recipe Changes and Labeling Exemptions for Certain Foods

Updated 05/10/2022

War in Ukraine: Faced with disruptions in the supply of certain ingredients, the labeling of products that have been reformulated will be temporarily changed to ensure safety and reliable information for the consumer.

The war in Ukraine affects the supply of the food industry with the production of certain foodstuffs. The need to quickly switch to another ingredient(s) at a time inconsistent with the printing of new packaging has in some cases prevented companies and manufacturers from fully complying with all food labeling requirements, in particular those relating to the list of ingredients.

Faced with this situation, some flexibility is allowed in the implementation of labeling requirements.

The goal is to ensure that food is available on the market while ensuring safety and keeping consumer information safe.

The Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) has put in place a system to ensure consumer safety and accurate information.

Thus, products that can be reformulated with an ingredient that could pose a risk to the consumer are subject to direct information on their label that is visible and legible.

As such, allergy sufferers are advised to check at the time of purchase by looking at the label on the front or next to the ingredient list that the recipe for their usual products has not changed.

Showcases must also be installed in the store in departments that are subject to derogations, as well as at the entrance and at the checkout. E-commerce sites will also need to inform the consumer of each relevant link.

During this period, the Upper Rhine Department for Employment, Labour, Solidarity and Social Protection (DDETSPP) will ensure, through regular checks, that the system is properly applied and respected by professionals.

All information about recipe changes is available at:


In particular, you will find an exhaustive list of related products.


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