Tempura Dough by Jean-Francois Piège

Jean-François Piège shares with you every Saturday at Dot their culinary secrets by placing a seasonal product on the front of the plate. Today, the 2-star chef at the Grand Restaurant in Paris reveals his tempura dough recipe. His skill can be found in Zero meat, zero fish, his latest book published 1uh June at Hachette will be used to make zucchini and eggplant donuts next week. Rice flour, corn starch, white wine, beer and voila. All you have to do is mix all the ingredients to make the tempura dough. You’ll see, it’s simple, fast and impossible to miss. Now it’s up to you to do it again. And see you next week to make vegetable donuts that are already filled with the flavors of summer.

Recipe : dough for tempura Jean Francois Trap

On the market
150 g rice flour, 60 g corn starch, 80 g white wine, 150 g beer

In the kitchen
Sift rice flour and corn starch well. Throw them into a salad bowl. Book.
Pour the white wine and beer into a bowl. Mix them up.
Gradually, while whisking, pour in the preparation based on white wine and beer to the rice flour and corn starch. By applying liquid material to solid material, you thus avoid the risk of lump formation. Whisk until smooth.
See you next week to use tempura dough to make zucchini and eggplant fritters.

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