Three ways to eat soup, between adults or with children!

“Eat your soup to grow”! Who has never heard such an injunction, often accompanied by the ultimate deprivation of dessert? However, in recent years, the soup seems to be back in fashion: it is increasingly offered in restaurants and even on the children’s table! In addition to its nutritional properties, it has many benefits for the body. Low-calorie, it is a source of vitamins and minerals for the body and helps to moisturize it. For people in fragile health, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer to the same extent that it satisfies those whose appetite is colossal.

It is advisable to eat the dish in the evening, as it promotes digestion. But how ? Our columnist Abdel Alawi shares his tips and tricks for opening or opening a new soup with family or friends.

How to get kids to eat soup?

In recent years, children have come to terms with generous and playful soup. She no longer scares them, and some even have their favorite recipe for spinach soup with cheese squares. It’s all right, it works. This is just to make the soup easier to pass. You put in a small square of cottage cheese, mix it all up, and that makes it more accessible, easier, and more fun.

There is also carrot soup with honey, stewed with honey or onions, garlic. Add some water, mix everything and give the children a taste. Children love carrots. And, of course, alphabetical pasta soup.

When soup lets you escape

Every country has its own soup. In France we obviously know onion soup, fish soup with good rouille and stale bread. And so good, warms. Then comes the Italian Minestrone. Do you know? Very good, with fine pasta, tomatoes and diced seasonal vegetables. There is also borscht, a Russian soup made from potatoes, beets and meat. In Japan, miso soup is made from soybeans, seaweed and dried fish.

Then comes the chorba. So, this is a North African soup with tomatoes, chickpeas, lamb, cumin, ras el hanout. These are not the same calories. We also have fun with vegetables, with a lot of leeks, a lot of water and chopped vegetables in chorba. It is very good. Morocco also has harira (similar to chorba, with chickpeas, crushed wheat, possibly with meat).

Finally, you can also try a Vietnamese rice noodle and bean sprout soup called pho.

How to cook soup with seasonal vegetables?

I will make you make homemade soup for your children again. So, pumpkin soup: it’s time. Too easy to add pumpkin, water and stir. So no, I’m going to do something else. Obviously a slightly simpler and simpler recipe.

There are those who leave the skin on, others remove it, which adds a bit of bitterness and texture. So you need

– pumpkins, about 1 kg

– 1 onion

– 3 carrots for a bit of sweetness

– 2 garlic cloves

– potatoes for consistency

– A little cream, a little salty butter and a little olive oil

– Salt and pepper

We cut it all, steam it, moisten it with a small amount of water, after cooking add cream and butter, mix and add some sweet little beaten chestnuts. And all you have to do is try it!

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