Twilight Snapper V Rising: Where can I find him to summon the Blight Rat?

Altar of Blood V Rising is not the only way to start boss fights, some of them can be summoned. including the famous Rotten rat The 30th level that many players seem to be looking for. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get the hardest part of the summoning recipe.

A new guide to one of the resources that you will need in the first part of your adventure in the world of V Rising – the skin. Here we will tell you how to open a tannery, which will then give you access to leather.

In search of a rotten rat

The Putrid Boss Rat thrives on the Blood Altar like the others, but it is impossible to start a Blood Hunt.. To fight him, you’ll have to summon him in a vermin nest using several types of ingredients, including the famous dusk snapper, which, as we’ll see, requires a lot of effort. Defeating this boss in your castle grounds will grant you access to the Vampire Rat Form, perfect for staying undetected.

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Twilight Snapper Fishing

It is very simple and very difficult at the same time: The dusky snapper can be caught in any body of water in the V Rising forest, however the spawning rate of this particular fish is downright infamous.. To give you an idea, it took us 1 hour of shooting to find the fishing spots that randomly appear on the water. Note that other types of fish will also be useful to you, as you can feed them to your castle’s Devourer to make you fishbones, another ingredient needed to summon the Rotten Rat.

Quick moment on a fishing trip

In anticipation of a small fishing guide, we’re keeping it short: find a boss who will open the fishing rod and cabinetmaker’s workbench to be able to craft everything you need. Once the wand is on you, you will have to cover the ground and look through all the map sources for small bubbles on the surface. Once the hook is fired, wait until there is a big splash to left click and collect your reward.

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