Vegetarian Veal Steak Recipe by Chef Jean-Francois Piegès

Showing us how to cook without fat and collecting the greatest classics of French cuisine, Jean Francois Trap celebrates vegetarian cuisine in his new cookbook. Published by editions Ax Kitchenthis work is titled Zero meat Zero fish collects 50 recipes. In anticipation of its release on June 1st, here is a preview of the 100% Vegetarian Veal Blanket.

Zero Meat Veal Blanket Recipe by Jean-Francois Piegè

For 2 persons
Preparation time: 30 minutes

-600 g of green vegetables (green asparagus, green beans, green beans, broccoli, peas, etc.)
-1 bunch of green onions
-60 g semi-salted butter
-100 g champignons
-1.5 ml vegetable broth
-10 cl double cream
-1 egg yolk
-1 squeeze of lemon juice
-100 g spinach
-1 drop of olive oil
– fresh herbs of your choice
-Salt and pepper from the mill

one. Place white onion, asparagus, broccoli tops (all pre-washed) and a few pieces of butter in a cold saucepan.
2. Salt, cover with a lid and cook over low heat.
3. Once the vegetables start to sweat, add the green beans and mushrooms. Lightly salt.
four. Add the rest of the vegetables except the spinach. When the vegetables are cooked, take them out.
5. Deglaze with vegetable broth and reduce by half.
6. Add cream and bring to a boil.
7. Add egg yolk and remove from heat. Add lemon juice, then mill pepper. Strain the sauce using a strainer.
eight. Arrange vegetables, add a few raw spinach leaves. Emulsify the sauce with an immersion blender and pour it over the vegetables, adding 1 drop of olive oil and fresh herbs.

Zero Meat Zero Fish Recipe Book by Jean-Francois Piegè


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