What are the onion sublimation recipes?

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, antioxidants, etc. onions have many Benefits demand! Moreover, its consumption helps prevent certain types of diseases! Which convinces us to put it on the menu even more often!

How to sublimate onions in the kitchen?

On average, every Frenchman consumes 3 kg per year* … which makes onions 6the the most consumed vegetable in France! And if we mainly consume onions as a condiment, we should also know that they are cooked just like any other vegetable! Among the most popular choices? You must reckon with Onion soup, a true French culinary tradition, especially popular in regions where onions are grown! And that is not all! Onions are happy to replace many vegetables in the most classic recipes. It becomes the same stuffed onion (instead of tomatoes), that star of a well-caramelized tatin… Mm! So many original and delicious recipes that will allow you to rediscover the richness of onion flavors… and allow it to find a place in our kitchens!

What is the recipe for onions?

Once the onion is sliced, all you have to do is follow the recipe. In a pie with or without other vegetables, in a tarte tatin, in a quiche, in a soup, stuffed on the grill… There are dozens of recipes, one tastier than the other, in honor of the onion!

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