What can replace eggs? 3 Magic Ingredients That Will Make All Your Recipes…Even Easier

Do you really want to make this chocolate cake, but there are no more eggs in your fridge? Don’t panic, here are three magical ingredients that will replace it brilliantly.

Versatile and inexpensive, eggs take pride of place in many homes. It must be said that in addition to cook fast and wellthose little smarties source of many recipes : amaretti, brouillade, avocado toast… They inspire even the greatest chefs, such as Anne-Sophie Pic and Diego Alari, who love to go back to the boiled egg, for example. So inevitable when you have no more you may feel lost…but rest assured eggs are not required. Proof with these three ingredients are just as effective and delicious !

one. Silken Tofu: An Ultra-Light Ingredient to Replace Whole Eggs

Avoided for a long time because they followed a vegetarian diet, this “soy cheese” more and more appreciated by fine gourmets. And in vain! Rich in iron and protein silken tofu is low Fat and provides a good consistency to your recipes, both sweet and savory. And for that we can thank its creamy texture, similar to yogurt or flan.

How much silken tofu can replace an egg? Count about 50 g.

2. Aquafaba: This chickpea juice is better than egg white

Don’t get confused when you say his name because this chickpea juice absolutely amazing! Like egg white, it mostly is made up of water and protein. No wonder when you hit him, he resembles the consistency of an egg white. So if you have a can of chickpeas on hand, don’t forget to recover that precious juice you can add to dough.

How much aquafaba can replace an egg? Two good tablespoons, maybe three, to make sure the dough holds up well.

3. Corn starch: the perfect alternative to egg yolks

Main role corn starch bind the drug…like egg yolks in cakes ! This very fine powder, rich in starch, also allows make them more airy and light.

How much cornstarch to replace an egg? Two tablespoons diluted with twice as much water or any other liquid in your recipe.

You decide !

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