Whitefish Fillet Recipe from Swiss Lakes with Meniere

Yannick Hornes comes to the table with a Swiss recipe for fish.

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Training : 10 minutes – Cooking : 2 minutes – Expenses : ** – Difficulty : *.

Ingredients for 4 persons

800 g whitefish fillet

chopped parsley

wheat flour

100 g butter

50 ml dry white wine

1 tablespoon capers

1 lemon

salt and pepper.


The term féra is slightly usurped because the last specimens disappeared from the waters of Lake Geneva around 1920. Currently, the Swiss are catching various varieties of whitefish brought from other Swiss lakes.

Salt the fillet on each side, sprinkle with flour and shake to remove the excess.

Fry the fish in a small amount of oil, skin side up (to prevent the fillet from curdling) for 1 minute on each side, To book warm.

Melt the remaining butter in a frying pan and let touch up lightly to get a nice hazelnut color.

Dip in white wine or lemon juice and to sprinkle parsley and capers.

to correct seasoning.


Serve the meniere-buttered fish and top with a slice of lemon, parsley sprigs, and buttered vegetables.

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